Wholistic Human Design

Supporting you in remembering who you are. Healing mind, body and soul through Human Design and Holistic Health.


“Darkness may reign in a cave for thousands of years, but bring in the light, and the darkness vanishes as though it had never been” - Paramahansa Yogananda

Tropical Astrology:

Taurus Sun, Leo Moon & Rising

6/3 Emotional Manifesting Generator

True Sidereal:

Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon & Rising

3/5 Mental Projector

Up until 2017, my life was defined by toxic relationships until I made the brave decision to leave my marriage. From that moment on, my healing journey began. I turned to fitness, journaling, therapy, and meditation to find clarity and identify the core wounds that kept me stuck in toxic patterns. But it wasn’t until I joined a 6-week intuition group coaching that everything changed. I discovered Human Design and Astrology, which gave me the tools to understand and accept myself like never before.

Now, as a certified Holistic Health Coach, and with continued education in Gut Health, Ayurveda, Human Design, Manifestation, and Astrology, I bring my experience and expertise to help you create a relationship with your higher Self. Let me guide you in healing, acceptance, and love so that you too can break free from toxic patterns and embrace your true self.


Emotional Mastery Podcast

Mastery is defined as; having the skills or knowledge, that make one a master. Mastery isn’t about being perfect and Emotional Mastery is about having the tools to understand and regulate your emotions.

Host, Rochelle Christiane, is on a mission to help support and guide you to find the tools to self-regulate. To understand emotions, to feel less alone in the process, and to support you in shifting your relationship to emotions.

Wholistic Human Design Academy

Detail your family and sibling portrait services, highlighting your ability to include parents and siblings in the newborn photoshoot. Explain how you can create heartwarming and meaningful family moments during the session.

1:1 Sessions

1:1 Sessions are a fusion of health coaching, Human Design/Astrology and Subconscious reprogramming. From identifying our shadows, we create awareness and can begin the reprogramming process.


From HD 101 to Emotional Mastery find a course that suits yours needs. All are designed to support you in remembering who you are, and coming back to yourself.



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